Integrated Registration Information System Online Services
The Land Registry
The Land Registry
Hong Kong
  Date: 05/12/2022  Time: 16:15


Equipment Requirement List

You can use popular operating systems and Internet browsers to access the desktop version of IRIS Online Services. Besides, you need the following facilities:
  1. Internet browser setting:
    • Latest version of Transport Layer Security (TLS) enabled
    • JavaScript and Cookies enabled

  2. Image viewer (supporting JPEG and TIFF CCITT fax 3 and CCITT fax 4 compression) for viewing document images.

  3. For subscribers using digital certificate login method:
    • Browsers supporting Javascript Web Cryptography API
    • Hongkong Post e-Cert (Organisational or Personal) OR Digi-Sign ID-Cert (Organisational or Personal)

  4. For subscribers using iAM Smart login method:
    • Registered for iAM Smart account
    • Mobile device bound with the iAM Smart account of subscribers
For enquiries on technical support matters, please contact the Land Registry Customer Service Hotline at Tel. No. (852) 3105 0000

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