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Procedure for Enquiring Search/Order Status

  • Select the "Enquire Search/ Order Status" option from the function menu to enquire the status of your order.

  • Select the Enquiry Options (By Payment Transaction No. or Order No.) and key in the Searcher Name and Payment Transaction No. or Order No. respectively. Click "Enquire" to view the transaction/order details and the corresponding order status. Please note that the Searcher Name must be the same as the one appeared on the Acknowledgement Page.

  • For order delivered by download or view by browser, you can view or download the related order result again by clicking the hyperlink in the order details screen before the closure of the online services at 03:30 (next day) for Land Register and Unposted Memorial Information and within 3 business days for Land Document.

  • Details of all "Completed" / "Collected" / "Cancelled" orders will be cleared after 62 days. However, you can still enquire detail of all outstanding orders after the said period.

  • Order Status includes "New" (when the order has been paid successfully), "In Progress" (For Fax order only), "Completed" (when the order has been successfully processed and completed), "Collected" (when the order has been collected by the customer; for Counter Collection order only) and "Cancelled" (when the order has been marked "cancelled" by system). If payment of an order has been refunded or adjusted, "Refunded" or "Adjusted" remarks will also be shown in the "Order Status" column.

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