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Placing Order - Confirm Orders and Make Payment

  • Select "Go To Order List" from the function menu or click "Add and Go To Order List" on the relevant screen to proceed to order confirmation and payment.

  • On the "Your Order List - Select Delivery Method" screen, select "Delivery Method" for each order and click "Continue". To remove any order from the Order List, tick the checkbox of the unwanted order in the "Select to Remove" column and click "Remove".

  • On the "Your Order List - Enter Customer Information" screen, enter the required customer information and click "Continue" to proceed to confirmation.

  • On the "Order List Confirmation" screen, check the order details and then click "Confirm" to accept the Order List and proceed to online payment.

  • On the "Online Payment Service" screen, select payment method by clicking "JCB", "UnionPay", "MasterCard", "VISA" or "PPS" . Follow the online instructions for making payment.

  • After payment has been successfully made, the "Acknowledgement" screen will be displayed. Click the hyperlink(s) to view or download the land record(s) for "View by Browser" or "Download" order(s).

  • If you have selected to collect the order(s) at counter, you have to present the Acknowledgement page or the electronic payment receipt with two-dimensional barcode at the selected Search Office on or after the specified date/time to collect the ordered land record(s). Before coming up to the Search Office, you are strongly advised to check if the order(s) have been completed through "Enquire Order Status" on the function menu. If you do not collect the ordered land record(s) within 3 months from the date specified on the Acknowledgement page, the relevant land record(s) will be delivered to you by post/courier to the mailing address if it is provided in the "Customer Information" section. In any event, the Land Registry reserves all rights to dispose the ordered land record(s) if they are not collected within the collection period.

  • For details of the service charges and delivery methods, please refer to Other Information - Service Charges and Placing Order - Delivery Methods and their Constraints.


  1. "Delivery Method" options for each order type will be different depending on the Order Type, Nature, File Size, No. of Pages, etc. For details, please refer to Placing Order - Delivery Methods and their Constraints.

  2. For "View by Browser" or "By Download" order, the related land record can be obtained by clicking the hyperlink shown on the "Acknowledgement" screen. You can also view or download the related land register or Unposted Memorial Information again through "Enquire Order Status" on the function menu before closure of the online services at 03:30 (next day) or the related land document within 3 calendar days.

  3. An order no. will be generated for each order after you confirm the transaction. The order no. will be shown on the "Acknowledgement" screen and its format is PPPYYMMDD999999A where

  4.     "PPP" is the prefix (e.g. "ESN" for order made by ad hoc user via desktop version of the IRIS Online Services)
        "YY" is the Year (e.g. "05" for 2005)
        "MM" is the Month (e.g. "01" for January)
        "DD" is the Day (e.g. "01" for the 1st day of the month)
        "999999" is the sequence number generated by the system (e.g. "000001")
        "A" is the suffix to indicate document order with oversize plan

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